Mission Statement

Philan will be the governance token used to vote for which charities to donate to and which Philanthropic projects to start. People can apply for author positions to start their own Philanthropic projects and have the community vote for which philanthropic project(s) they would like to support.
Philan's end goal is to construct homeless shelters worldwide that offer rehab, therapy, daycare for kids and trainers to train them in an area of work that is lacking manpower. Philan will pay their first month salary and if the employer is happy with their work. The employer will put him/her on their payroll.

Stake and Earn Philan

Stake LP-Tokens from contributing to the community LP for PHILAN More staking opportunities will be released as Philan launches on more networks. So no matter your crypto background, you will be able to earn and be a part of Philan.

Philan on 6 Networks

Philan will be launching on BSC to start, but will later launch on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon and Solona. So no matter the network, anyone can be a part of Philan, its vision and Governance System. Wrap your Philan to be a part of voting for what charities to donate too or what philanthropic project you would like to support. Your vote here at Philan matters.


Total Supply: 9.3 Quadrillion
Locked Contract for staking rewards: 8 Quadrillion
Staking Rewards: 400 Trillion
Private Sale: 600 Trillion
Airdrop: 100 Trillion
Contests and Giveaways: 100 Trillion
Team: 100 Trillion



- Launch on BSC, ETH and Fantom
- Partners with 3-5 Charities


- Launch on ACAX and SOL
- Launch Authors and Philanthropic Projects


- Launch on MATIC
- Partners with 10 charities by the end of Q4
- 5 Authors

Contact Us

For all marketing, partnerships and other enquiries. Please leave your name, email and message. We will reply within 48 hours.